Friday, July 15, 2011

Garage sales and T-Ball tales

Nothing like a month off from blogging to clear the mind.  Where has the time gone?  Goodness, I guess we've been busy.  This morning I thought, I should really write a blog entry, it's been a good week or two...", and sign in to see that it's actually been 32 days.   Oopsie!  So much for regaling you with a summer play-by-play. 

We've finished T-Ball for the summer (more about that later), and are now in the heart of summer;  those precious few weeks in the middle where Old School feels like a distant memory in the rearview mirror and New School has yet to break the upcoming horizon.  It's the time of year that feels like it couldn't get here fast enough and yet will end too soon.

So what have we done to get ourselves to this point?

At the Boy's insistence, we hosted a garage sale the last weekend of June.  His ingenious idea was to sell all of his old toys in order to get new toys.  I tried in vain to explain to him the economic principals of depreciation and inflation, but he would have none of it.  I finally relented, and we held a two day sale.  Mom and Dad got rid of lots of stuff, which was good.  Before the sale started, I handed the Boy an empty box, and requested that he bring it downstairs to his playroom and fill it with toys he'd like to sell.  After a half hour of concentrated deliberation, here is what he came back upstairs with:

I realize it's hard to see what's in the box, so I've conveniently compiled a complete inventory:

1.  Slinky, broken (1)
2.  Bead track, small (1)

That's it.  A half hour's work.  I asked him what he was planning on buying with all his money that he was almost certain to rake in.  Completely ignoring my obvious sarcasm, he proceeded to list off about 400 dollars worth of Legos, a new bike, and "something nice for mom, a necklace maybe".  Perhaps they teach realism in Kindergarten.  Or basic math? 

After the sale, the most impressive use of time was definitely Grammy and Grandpa Camp.  Which was pretty much the most amazing thing ever.  The Fam and I packed the gills of the AstroVan and headed to Crosslake where the Duluth cousins and aunties and uncles and grands were waiting.  After spending 3 wonderful days hanging out with everyone (all 11 of us), the middle generation went home, leaving the Boy and his cousins to the care of their elders, my parents. 

For five days!!!!  Five days without mom and dad, 3 hours away from home!  It.  Was.  Glorious

And I'm sure he had fun too. 

That was the week of the 4th.  Since his return, he has mostly disappeared each day into NeighborBoy's house or backyard.   Every Boy needs a NeighborBoy; one that sees eye to eye and likes the same things.  They have matching Big Wheels and matching Helmets and never seem to tire of each other's company or bicker, which is pretty impressive for 5 year olds.  If they ever move away, we might just follow them.

And T-ball twice a week, culminating this past Wednesday with a "game", all kids adorned in matching T-shirts. 

So glad T-ball is over. 

Not because he's horrible at it (which he is), or because the ice cream truck drove through the parking lot every single practice tormenting the players (which it did), or because a couple of the other kids thought the object of the game was to steal the bat and cut in line (which they did).  I'm glad it's over because the "coaches" really never did anything about any of these issues.  Didn't help the Boy get better (he wasn't loud and rowdy and therefore got no attention), didn't stop the hogs from stealing the bats.   Basically they had no personality, and by all appearances, had no interest in being T-ball coaches. 

Not that I could do better, mind you.  But I didn't sign up to do it for that very reason.  I realize they were just a couple of college girls, probably making 6 bucks an hour, but it would have been nice to have at least some level of enthusiasm, even if forced.  Oh well.   

And so, on we go!  Further into the summer - supposed to be ridiculously hot and humid this week.  Not looking forward to that.  But still enjoying the summer for what it is - endless days of no calendars, no schedules, no bosses (and no money as a result).

It won't be long before we begin prepping for kindergarten, and also for the arrival of The Girl (tm), expected the last week of September.  (have I mentioned that here yet?  Can't remember, but the Boy is having a sister, much to our surprise and growing excitement).  That's a whole 'nuther entry.  Or perhaps a whole 'nuther blog?   The Girl (tm).   Hmm. 

Off to play, have a great day!