Saturday, November 20, 2010


It was trainshowday today.  Trainshowday has been coming for the better part of the week.  How many days until trainshowday dad?  Four days, bud.  A half hour later:  How many days now?  Still four...  Today, trainshowday finally arrived.  The Boy (tm), ma, pa, g-pa and grammy met up to see the sights, to ride the real Thomas the Tank train (8 kids sardined in Clarabel and 8 more in Annie - you parents of toddlers know exactly who I'm talking about), to see the G-scale, N-scale, O-scale, HO-scale, and I'm sure other-scale masterpieces.    Hundreds of trains for sale, for touching, for no-touching, for prizes, for show.   The entire River Centre filled. 

The Boy (tm), with his limitless vocabulary and wit, of course narrated the entire visit. The countless scenes of exquisite detail, the working lights, the real steam, the moving crossing gates and the towering mountains, the cityscapes and tunnels, rivers and farms, the thousands of hours of poorly lit labor and hard earned dollars poured into the detailed recreations of yesteryear, all intricately explained by an (almost) 5 year old:

Dad!  dad!  Dad!  Daaaaaad!    Look right there!!!  A train!!!!  Dad!!!!!  A train!!!!

(repeat 684,000 times)

Thus concludes the narrated tour of trainshowday.  Oh, well.  Knowing how excited he was, I'm just glad he didn't pee on my neck.

Thanks grammy for also volunteering your shoulders for optimal viewing.   I need a nap in a dad-scale bed. 

For those needing a Sunday afternoon with their toddler in the cities, click Trainshowday and you can get a bigger idea of what you're in for.  Runs through 11.21.10 in St Paul.

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