Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's Something Special

Well, the shopping's done as of yesterday, December 22nd, a new early record for me!  I'm usually one of the schleps out there at 5 pm on Christmas Eve fighting over the last box of Legos that isn't a chocolate brown pirate ship (how did that get past the focus group?), but not this year thanks to the most helpful and timely Watchers of the Boy.  First, he spent 3 hours over lunch with 4-yr old Isaac and his saint of a mother, and then later spent the night at Grammy's.  The combination of these two solid blocks of time meant all the purchases were made and then wrapped on the same day. Whew!

Of course, it wouldn't be Christmas shopping without leaving a bag at the register of the first store we visited.  Not until I got home to take inventory of what needed to be wrapped did I realize we were missing a $35 gift.  How do you walk out of a store without a bag that size?  One might think that if one is only buying two items, it wouldn't be difficult to, oh I dunno, leave with both?  Mumbling unkind things at myself under my breath,  I got back in the car and headed back to the first store, which was of course the furthest store from home.  Luckily, register lady had recognized my lack of vigilance, and unable to get the attention of my oblivious self while driving away in the parking lot, had saved the paid-for gift under the front counter. 

As far as the Boy is concerned,  (like most 5-year old boys), Christmas. Cannot.  Arrive.  Fast.  Enough.  I'll admit I'm equally guilty of pestering Mom for an early opening. 

Can we open just one?  It is Christmas Eve Eve.  Just one?

But I'm not a child.  I actually have good reason to want to open presents.  Watching the Boy open presents is quite simply the highlight of any given year.  His animated narration, the look on his face, the anticipation as the paper is quickly torn away - all priceless.  He doesn't just open presents.  He OPENS PRESENTS!!!!!  This video, from Christmas 2009, explains better than I can:

If you took the 45 seconds or so to watch, then you understand why I'm looking forward to what this year holds -  probably more than he.

So, I'm off for a bit - going on the rounds to extended family Christmases on opposite ends of the state, bringing my 5-year old entertainment with me.  If Christmas is also your thing, I hope you have a grand one.

And, remember, those of you that are planners - there are only 367 shopping days left until next year.  Better get started...

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